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Wedding & Event


“Now the great adventure of your life begins! Because you have just set out on a journey to get to know each other. Let this journey be full of wonder, laughter, compassion and loving care. ” - Jenny de Vries

Dear Engaged Couple!

We warmly congratulate you on your decision to go on your journey together in the future, on one of the greatest adventures of your life! If you want to celebrate the first day of your life together in a dazzling place, The Öreg Halász Host & Restaurant is the perfect choice for you!

Take a look at the wedding services of our Inn!

Whether it’s decoration, menu selection, or even photography, we are happy to help you organize.

If you have already set a date for your wedding, inquire about our free weekends by phone, e-mail, or at the bottom of the page.

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Öreg Halász Host & Restaurant is an easily accessible, perfect wedding venue on the border of Tát, at the junction of the 11th main road and 117 road, which is one of the largest thatched-roofed rural restaurants in Hungary.

The first quarter of 2021 in the life of the Inn was marked by renewal, within the framework of an all-encompassing authentic renovation, so you can be among the first to use our wedding services and celebrate in a renewed, wonderful environment.


Our restaurant with a capacity of 100 people is characterized by a uniquely modern and elegant interior design style, which is a worthy venue for a civic ceremony.

Within the 190 m2 main restaurant section, there is a huge dance floor and a central bar counter, which, thanks to its unique design, provides an excellent opportunity to make a truly unforgettable wedding party.

The decades-long past and renewed environment are in perfect harmony with our courteous and professional staff, who rush with the utmost care among our Guests.

The masterpieces of our outstanding chef Lajos Lutz, who has a professional background of more than 30 years, are a guarantee that the wedding


Corporate, team building, graduation or just family events? We have a place!e!

Corporate events

If you are looking for an easily accessible, elegant venue for your company events with excellent food and prepared staff, then Öreg Halász Restaurant and Inn is the perfect solution for you:

  • for press conferences
  • for banquets
  • for business meetings
  • for gala closing dinners
  • for Christmas corporate parties, cocktail parties
  • for team building trainings

Family events

Kép 157

The restaurant of our inn is a popular place for family events:

  • intimate joint lunches and dinners
  • birthdays, name days,
  • prominent family events
  • baptisms
  • anniversaries and engagement parties
  • graduations, graduates,
  • graduation meetings,
  • to celebrate baby waiting parties


From family gatherings to business events

The Öreg Halász Host & Restaurant and Inn

you will find every opportunity to make the experience memorable.


Our services:

  • individual bidding
  • homemade or exclusive menu bar offers
  • beverage package offers with unlimited consumption for a specified period
  • cocktail bar
  • direct terrace connection
  • free parking
  • flexible service
  • experienced staff

Our capacity:

  • restaurant for 100 people
  • terrace for 80 people

Upon request, we provide discounted accommodation for up to 45 participants.

Our mediated services, with which your event will be a real experience:

  • room decoration for the occasion
  • band organization
  • arranging photography
  • bus rental
  • rental of event equipment (projector,
  • projection screen, sound system)

Ask for a unique offer from our colleagues

We hope you like our services and will soon be able to welcome you among the Guests of our Inn.

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Tel.: +36 30/ 111-7717 E-mail: info@oreghalaszfogado.hu Címünk: 2554 Tát, Fő út 2.


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